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The San Paro Highway Patrol
Hello Everyone,

As you may know the release of the All Points Bulletin: Reloaded Closed Beta was very recent and I would like to go over a few things in regards to what it means for the clan. First off, there will be no official clan activities until the Open Beta commences. Considering all of these Closed Beta characters will be counted as "throwaways," it is not necessary to get deeply involved and have to start all over again. It just doesn't make sense. 

Secondly, as we get new members I will start informing them on what the policies are and of any changes to them once the game is modified. 

Lastly, I am introducing new training measures so please check back often. 



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    OfficerMarshall ("Marshall" as he is sometimes referred to), is an avid player of the All Points Bulletin (APB) series, and is looking forward to playing the latest installment of the game - titled APB: Reloaded. Marshall currently serves as the Chief of the SPHP.


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