The San Paro Highway Patrol

Becoming a Highway Patrol Officer


The San Paro Highway Patrol is San Paro's oldest Highway Patrol unit that - during the original release of APB - contained approximately fifteen (15) members all ready-and-willing to fight for the cause to defend what was theirs. We were around during the Closed Beta of the original release of APB and had play-tested many aspects of the game; from shooting to driving and etc. so we know the inside-and-out about the city we call San Paro. If you have decided that you would like to become a member of the San Paro Highway Patrol, you will need to review this guide and Contact the Chief of Police in order to be considered for acceptance. Since this clan is going to be a fresh release, along with APB: Reloaded, itself; we are not setting overly-strict requirements for acceptance and we are currently looking to fill a wide variety of positions. From Security, to District Commanders, we have it covered - all offering the player what they are quite possibly looking for. Please review this requirements list carefully for items are currently being added and removed to keep up with the state of the game, as well as demands and requests from other players. 

Our Culture

If you are looking for a clan that is fun to work with, geared towards BOTH the experienced and the new, this is the clan for you. Comprised of all Enforcers that range in skill level, we bring a certain skill-base to the table that is bound to match any of that provided by the Criminals who try to make our job that much harder on a day-to-day basis. We would first like to start out by saying that The San Paro Highway Patrol does not discriminate against race, color, sexual preferences, or gender. We provide all players with an equal opportunity to play the game, and to do so with mutual respect for the other Highway Patrol officers featured here in this clan. 

Skill Level & Previous Experience

As aforementioned, the San Paro Highway Patrol offers members of all skill-sets - both old and new - to show what they have to offer. Below is our list of current, basic requirements: 
  • Must have prior knowledge of MMO's (Whether Basic or Advanced).
  • Previous experience, while desired, it not required to join our clan.
  • Since this game is rated for 18+, you must be 18 years of age or older to join our clan. We do not grant exceptions to this rule. 

Languages & Server Support

The San Paro Highway Patrol is based out of the united states. Because of this, our main language that is spoken is English. We have gotten questions in the past about the possibilities of branching out to the EU servers and while we may do this in the future; some changes will have to be made to accommodate a more vast global expansion of our network of players. Note: If you are a multi-lingual player (for example: If you speak both German and English), and known someone of your own language base who would like to join us (for example: a German-speaking player) - they are welcome to, providing you can translate for them. 

Vehicle Decal & Uniform Requirements

Vehicle Decals
The San Paro Highway Patrol prides itself on having user diversity. However, all clans need a way to show that their members are unified in some way. Below are some basic requirements for decals that should be placed on your vehicle(s) - 
  • SPHP - These abbreviations should be featured somewhere on the player's vehicle(s) to show that they are a member of the Highway Patrol. 
  • Highway Patrol - If you would like to use this full decal with or alongside the "SPHP" decal, you may do so. This should be featured on the side doors of the player's vehicle(s) to show that they are a member of the Highway Patrol.

Uniform Requirements
Currently, there are no uniform requirements. However, if the player decides to do so, they may dress in the following fashion - 
  • Shirt - Button-Down Polo shirt (Kahki, Blue, White, or Black) and must feature a police badge.
  • Bulletproof Vest - The front should read "SPHP" and the rear should read "Highway Patrol" 
  • Pants - Dress pants (Kahki, Blue, White, or Black). The color must match that of the shirt.
  • Hats - Police hat featuring a police badge on the front, middle of the hat right above the brim.
  • Gloves - Leather gloves, or gloves of a material of choice, are required at all times. 

Vehicle-Type Requirements

Since the Highway Patrol needs units in all lines of work, we do not have a vehicle-type requirement. However, if you are looking for stable vehicles to start out with - or to use permanently - the Highway Patrol recommended the use of the - 
  • Dolton Boradwing
  • Patriot Vegas G20
  • Nurlander Pioneer 
  • Dolton Montane 
  • Bishada GX 8800

These vehicles may come in various pre-customized forms. If you can afford it, they are worth it because of their added slots and perks for an added advantage over the Criminals. 

Activity Within the Game

In order to sustain a stable clan, and to make sure that all of the members get a chance to level up, we have a 3 hour a week playing requirement. We feel that it is within the best interest of the player to have this requirement so all members can remain updated with the information and the happenings within the clan. If you require special notice for a personal temporary leave of absence from the clan, Contact Us and we will reply to you promptly.