The San Paro Highway Patrol

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Dear Visitor,

Welcome to the official clan website of The San Paro Highway Patrol - San Paro's oldest, and only, Highway Patrol division. Our mission here is simple: To preserve the integrity of the citizens and the happenings of the now crumbling fictional city of San Paro. As an officer serving in this city, you will quickly learn to become alert to your surroundings and that danger - as well as any Criminal - is lurking around any and every corner. The more you experience danger in this city, the more prepared you will be. Featured within this clan website is information about joining, happenings, as well as members within our clan. All information presented here is updated on a frequent basis or as needed so please make sure to check all pages when stopping by this website to make sure that there isn't any information you missed along the way during your previous stay. 

I thank-you again for choosing the San Paro Highway Patrol and if you have any questions or comments in regards to this website, our clan, or anything in-between - please Contact Us on the appropriate page. 

Thank-You & Good Luck,

Chief of Police
The San Paro Highway Patrol