The San Paro Highway Patrol

The Training Academy

The Highway Patrol will train all new recruits, mainly the new players, on how to deal with conditions in San Paro. This "Training Academy" experience is divided into a few basic elements, all listed below. 

Step One: Game Functions

The first step is going to get the player involved with the layout of the APB: Reloaded game and to get them familiar with elements such as mission offers, bounties, radar, targeting systems, and more. We will take you through the basics of the layout while on foot, to get you situated to the various Physics aspects and to how the game responds in certain situations. Once you have showed satisfactory performance in this category, we can move onto Step Two. 

Step Two: Weapons

You can't expect to survive more than a day without weapons and the proper knowledge on how to use them! This part of training will get the player situated with using various weapons, as well as how to acquire more when the time arises. We will take them through a battery of targeting and precision techniques to get you used to firing at both stationary and moving targets at various speeds and ranges. Once you have showed satisfactory performance in this category, we can more into Step Three.

Step Three: Vehicles and Driving 

Not only do you need some firepower, you need to get a set of wheels to move around and catchup with fellow Enforcers and Criminals, alike! This part of the training will teach the player the basics of driving, including controls and many tips and tricks to make sure that their experience is a smooth and exhilarating one. Some of these tips including drifting, evasive maneuvers, and driving-and-shooting. 

The Final Stage: Acceptance into the Highway Patrol

The title says it all. After proving that you can perform in the hostile city of San Paro, you will be accepted into the San Paro Highway Patrol to serve alongside your fellow members as well as help serve other clan members and free-lancers. Depending on various conditions, you can expect to be in training anywhere from a few days to one to two weeks. Again, it depends on the player and the condition of the game during the current time of training.